Welcome to BlueBlox 

BlueBlox is a dynamic and agile cross-border trade expert. Located in Switzerland, "the heart of Europe", where we are connected and affiliated with some of the most influential international trade organizations.

Our expertise is based on extensive knowledge and experience in the emerging markets, with a clear focus on the African, Middle Eastern and Eastern European markets.

Our team consist of experts in the fields of international trade, supply chain logistics, import / export compliance and customs. Together we ensure the provision of solutions that streamline and simplify our client's cross-border trade operations. 


At BloxBlox we:

because quality is non-negotiable and high standards is the norm

because success is not attained through accomplishments, but it is driven by character

because we do not merely do a job, we do all we do with joy, fulfillment and purpose



Our Founder:

Dorothy Diedericks our CEO, is passionate about economic empowerment of the developing countries and her passion is the driving force behind our focus at BlueBlox to bring business to the African, Middle Eastern and Eastern European Nations. It is her ultimate aim to uplift and empower these nations through business.

She is a qualified industrial engineer (graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 2006) who gained extensive experience in Supply Chain Logistics, Trade Compliance, Process Design, Project Management and Product Development since 2006.

She draws her motivation from the challenge to creatively simplify and resolve areas of difficulty, and enjoy the beauty of seeing her customers satisfied with their new well-designed and functioning processes or solutions.

She strongly believes that synergy among multicultural and multifunctional personnel is the key to unlocking best in class solutions.

She finds delight in building businesses, streamlining processes, ensuring continuous improvement, empowering staff, managing vendors, building customer relationships and ultimately seeing the impact one can have on the “Bottom Line” if service delivery is offered with Excellence.